A certain level of stress is healthy and productive.  It helps us to feel in charge of things, get on with our lives and be able to cope with whatever is put our way. 

However, sometimes our levels of stress build in an unhealthy way and we struggle to keep up with everything, we feel trapped by the demands of others, unable to get off the treadmill of life.  This is an unhealthy level of stress and you could be helped by counselling.  There are a number of self-help ways of containing and dealing with stress, regular relaxation, a space to be yourself, doing whatever you enjoy doing most, re-prioritising your work and your life.  

All these help and I would be happy to discuss them with you as part of counselling but I would also encourage you to look at yourself and your relationships, then together, we work out how you can make changes in both your work life and your personal life that offer you more personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

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