Our relationships with others are an essential part of the way we feel about ourselves.  If important relationships at work or at home are going well, we feel good, able to cope with others' difficulties, able to enjoy life.  Too often, though, our relationships either at work or at home can be a source of difficulty and then our feelings change.   We become moody, difficult, have no space in our lives to help others. 

Keeping relationships working well requires time and effort, we can't just sit back and take it for granted that they will always go smoothly.  They won't.  All sorts of outside pressures affect our most important relationships and affect us too. 

People come to counselling often as a result of feeling damaged by a significant relationship in their lives.  We work together to understand how the relationship deteriorates, what triggers the downward spiral and finally look for ways of changing the pattern of deterioration that you have discovered. 

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