We will all experience loss and grief at some point in our lives.  We grieve for, say, the death of someone close, or the loss of a treasured possession through burglary, or the end of a marriage or partnership, or being made redundant at work. 

Grief is a natural way for us to process what has happened, to be sad and angry about it is normal and usually we adjust, when we are ready, to the new situation of living without the person or possession or partner or workplace role.  Eventually we can let go of the grief, get on with our lives and the loss is gradually less important to us.  But sometimes the process of grieving gets stuck and moving on becomes very difficult.  That is when counselling can help you.  

I would encourage and support you whilst you talked about your loss.  We would work on a way to understand it and come to terms with it so that it doesn't feel so uncomfortable for you.  Sometimes it would mean reviewing previous losses as well, in an effort to understand where the lack of processing first began. 

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