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Panic Attacks can rule our lives if we let them. 

But they can also be brought under control by using special breathing and relaxation skills.

Sufferers from Panic Attacks can lead miserable lives - their thoughts ruled by their fears.  

Do you suffer from Panic Attacks?  Or know someone who does?  Take the first step to get them under control by reading my e-book.


  In my book, I show you some simple breathing, relaxation and distraction techniques that you can do unobtrusively when you have a Panic Attack.

I teach you new skills for dealing with the fearful thoughts which crowd your brain during an Attack.

I show you how you can confront the fearful thoughts and disempower them.

 Find out for yourself how you can control Panic Attacks.




In my e-book on "Panic Attacks" I bring together all the practical ideas that have worked for clients I have seen with this distressing condition.

You can either print out your own copy or leave it on your computer.  You will need Acrobat Reader to open the file.

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To download my book click here


Here are a sample of the chapter headings:  

 Appendix: Example page from a Panic Notebook



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