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Confidentiality privacy and internet safety

My online counselling service is confidential and private. I do not reveal your name or the content of our work anywhere or to anybody unless I believe you to be at risk of serious harm or I am required by law to do so (see Agreement). I do receive regular supervision of my work but I do not reveal any identifiable information about you to my supervisor.

I take the following steps to ensure this level of privacy:

  • I protect my computer with a firewall and antivirus software which is updated daily and I trust you to do the same.
  • My computer requires my password to unlock it even if I have left it unattended for five minutes. If you can't password protect your computer you may be able to create a password protected folder just for counselling work (ask me if you don't know how to do this) or keep the work on an external drive (see non-internet access below).
  • I send and store all client information at my address and delete it after a one-year gap with no contact. If we are counselling by email, I ask you to create a new email address at or other encrypted webmail service because if you are sharing a computer; using a workplace computer or have curious friends or relatives who read what's on your computer, storing all the counselling exchanges at an encrypted webmail address is the most secure way of keeping it private.

    If you want to have non-internet access to the work, you could use a memory stick or other external drive to read, write and store counselling work. Some external drives can be further protected with a password.

Social networking websites
I do not discuss my work or disclose client information on any social networking website and I trust you to do the same. I own the intellectual copyright of what I write and I do not expect you to publish anything I have written on any social networking or other website without my prior written consent.

Online privacy and the use of cookies
This website uses cookies set by Google Analytics, which are used to collect information about how visitors use the site. The cookies collect information anonymously, such as the number of site visitors, from where they came to the site and the pages they visited etc. None of this information enables identification of individuals

Should you wish to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites that you visit and which use Google Analytics, you can do so by visiting this part of Google’s website


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