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Panic Attacks can be relieved by relaxation.

Learning to relax and de-stress your body helps reduce the everyday levels of stress and tension which increase the chances of a panic attack.  

Shutting out the outside world and focusing your thoughts inwards helps your mind to relax as well.

Regular relaxation refreshes you.  You can return to the everyday world with renewed concentration. 

Learning to relax and focus your thoughts means you are taking control of your Panic Attacks.

  Feel different in just 12 minutes.  All you will need is a comfortable space where you can sit or lie down, close your eyes and not be disturbed.

In my 12-minute relaxation audio I talk you through a series of breathing and relaxation exercises whilst  soothing music plays in the background.  Both the music and the exercises help to slow you down. 

By listening to the audio and practising the exercises regularly you will begin to relax more deeply and focus your thoughts away from the stresses of the everyday world.





To download my 12-minute relaxation audio click here

  My 12-minute relaxation audio is an mp3 file. You can play it on your computer or you can download it to an mp3 player.  (size 8.6mb - download time approx 20-25 mins with 56k modem)(size 8.6mb - download time approx 20-25 mins with 56k modem)

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