A state of anxiety exists when we worry about things that we fear might happen and we go around in a state of readiness for this unknown fearful thing which hasn't happened yet.  It is very tiring and preoccupies our thinking time. 

Some of us go into a state of panic because our mechanism for switching off the anxiety has disappeared and we are like kettles which are just about to boil over and we have a panic attack which can be very frightening. 

We can do several things to help ourselves reduce this permanently high level of stress.  We can cut down on caffeine (tea, coffee cola drinks, chocolate all contain caffeine); we can train ourselves to relax by sitting or lying comfortably and listening to a soothing piece of music whilst we stretch and relax each part of our bodies one at a time.  We can also decide to do something about it and seek the help of a counsellor. 

In counselling, I would begin by encouraging you to do some practical things to reduce the level of anxiety you are experiencing.  Then when you are feeling more in control of your body, we explore together how you first noticed the anxiety (what else was happening in your life or were there difficult times in the past). Counselling can help you explore and understand how the anxiety arose.  I would stay in contact with you whilst you looked at where it started and help you to review the past to see if you can move on to a newer more comfortable place for the future. 

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