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Getting started with email counselling

The steps below can be completed quite quickly when you want to begin.

Email symbol: getting started with email counselling1. Send me an email using the email link on any page of this website to outline the problem you would like help with. I will respond by checking I've understood you correctly (I do this by summarising what I've read and ask you to correct me if I've got something wrong). I also give you some ideas about how we might work together on your problem and ask for any further information I may need before we begin. I attach my Agreement and Before We Begin forms for you to complete and return to me before we begin.

If you decide to go ahead with email counselling

2. Open a new email address with or other encrypted webmail server (see Confidentiality)

When you’re ready to begin

3, Return the completed Agreement and Before We Begin forms, together with any further information I may have asked for. Make your payment (see What Does it Cost?). I will acknowledge receipt of the forms and let you know when I will reply. I schedule time in my diary for responding to you and keep to the day you name, whenever possible.

You may send further emails to me up to the day before my reply is due and I will read and include all of them in my response.

We continue our emails, with my replies coming to you weekly on the agreed day either until the end of the package or you say you wish to stop.

Technology Emergencies
If either of us experiences an internet or computer failure which can’t be put right quickly, we send a text message (SMS) to the other person’s mobile phone to let them know the position and a further text message to say when the problem is resolved.

Getting Started with Live Session Counselling
Whether you plan to use Skype text, audio or webcam, initially we follow step 1 above.

When you are ready to book a live session you:

Image of a Gill Jones online counselling session using skype2. Complete and return the Agreement and Before We Begin forms (these are attached to my reply to your initial email. It’s only necessary to open a safe-mail address for live session work if you share, or use, a workplace computer (see Confidentiality). The Agreement asks you to indicate days/times when you are available for live sessions.

3. We agree a day and time for our session and exchange Skype contact information by email and you pay in advance for your session (see What Does it Cost?).

When the time comes for your session, I will send you a Skype text to invite you to begin when you’re ready. If you don't made contact I will stay online, available for our session for a further 15 minutes.

At the end of our session we agree the day/time of our next session and continue in this way until we have either reached the end of a pre-paid package of sessions or we agree to end our meetings.

Technology Emergencies
If you experience difficulty with your internet connection and cannot contact me on Skype, please send a text message (SMS) to my mobile phone - I will do the same if I can’t get online. We can agree a new session day/time by text message and the cancelled session will not be charged if the SMS is received within 15 minutes of the start time.

If you fail to show online and don't make contact or let me know what's happening, the session will be charged to you or deducted from your pre-paid package


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